In a recent study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, data shows that “the percentages of families whose debt payments are excessive relative to their incomes are at or near their highest levels since 1992.” The report found that, as a result, “even more nearly-elderly and elderly families are likely to find themselves at risk […]

Refinancing-Solution to Current Low Mortgage Rates The current mortgage rates have been very low for the last 14 months. As such, now is a wonderful time to think about refinancing your home. Nonetheless, not many homeowners are making the most of this opportunity. You will find outstanding mortgages in the U.S. valued at over $800 […]

Today purchasing a home before beginning a new career or job is a realistic and obtainable aspiration. Typically when home buyers apply for a mortgage, a lender will take into consideration income and debts to determine the amount they will lend. However, there are many instances where those interested in home buying have not yet […]

There is a strong belief that mortgage lenders seem like they are loosening up on the requirements of credit score. This lax policy would be designed to allow many homebuyers to enter the mortgage market this summer and autumn. Nonetheless, the issue of credit score easing up highly depends on the types of mortgage loans […]