Everyone agrees that the easiest way to secure a low mortgage rate is to have a good credit score, a low debt-to-income ratio and to put down 20% for a down payment.

Beyond this, there are a plethora of articles out there on how to get the best mortgage rates. Sites like Bankrate and MSN Money share their opinions freely. These opinions include:

  • Know how much house you can afford before looking for a mortgage
  • Contact a lender to get your credit scores
  • Get all the necessary financial paperwork together, before meeting with a lender, including: tax returns for the past two years, W-2 income statements, your two most recent pay stubs, most recent credit card statements, most recent bank and investment account statements, divorce decrees and child support documents, your budget
  • Answer the following questions: How large is your down payment? Are you buying a single family home or a condominium? Are you refinancing or purchasing?
  • Don’t hide flaws such as credit problems or fudge on information
  • Get a referral from someone you trust.
  • Compare with your lender Federal Housing Administration and conventional financing as well as various loan terms.
  • Contact a mix of financial institutions (a direct lender, a regional bank, a credit union and a national bank, for example)
  • Decide when you want to close as the length of your lock-in period will impact your mortgage rate.
  • Ask about fees.
  • Consider whether you should pay points.
  • Call lenders around the same time on the same day, as mortgage rates fluctuate constantly.
  • In the end, remember that it’s not just about getting the best value loan, but also about getting the right loan for you and your family, with no surprises.

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