Like any business involving the sale of a product, presentation is everything. Fast food restaurants spend hours to get the perfect shot of that hamburger, which seldom resemble what you get at the drive-thru. Bad Real estate agents and photographers typically come up with beautiful images that showcase the best parts of a property, but these 16 images have us scratching our heads.

1. This must be the house MC Escher grew up in.

Bad Real Estate Agent
2. We are not sure what it did, but this wardrobe must have malfunctioned to be treated like this!
Bad Real Estate Agent
3. Tree for sale…House adjacent!
treehouseadjacent  Real Estate Agent
4. Triple your bathroom efficiency!
5. We’re not sure if this is a really spacious room or an incredibly tiny couch. 
6. This one speaks for itself…
7. Hollywood may beg to differ, but living with a pig is not all it’s cracked up to be.
8. This is a great way to get rid of unruly neighbors.
9. Jackson Pollock pioneered his abstract expressionist style in this home.
10. Can I help you with something?
11. Is this a real estate photo or a screenshot from the next ‘Poltergeist’ trailer?
12. This property features custom designed bathroom!
13. Something tells us this dog isn’t ready to move out of his house just yet…
14. This house features a minimalistic outdoor dining area!
15. This three bedroom, two and a half bath cottage includes free nightmares for life.
16. Sure, candlelit baths are relaxing, but what do you do if you run out of matches?
bathtub-chandelierThese images were collected from the Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs blog. Follow them on twitter or purchase their new book on Amazon.